Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Terrible or Terrific Two's

So today i took Lexie into a shop with me , normally Lexie is in her buggy (Stroller) or has reins on her,since i figured we wouldnt be long it would be fine, since they didnt have any carts there. Ohhh man was i mistaken 10 mins into being in their meltdown happened , she kept screaming & running off ,crying for no reason,squealling at the top of her voice & not listening to a word i said , I was so hot & frustrated i just wanted to get out of there, which normally i am a calm person. Everyone kept turning to look. I was like his is a kids clothes shop, Get a Life people!!

Anyways i finally got to the till & the lady on the checkout was like ohh are you just visiting. I said no i have lived her for over a year.She then made me laugh & said oh well in that case you must want one of our store cards. i was like no thanks i dont shop here very often. LOL i wanted to say only when your stuff is dirt cheap!!!
So once she had rung me up i was so glad to got out of there. I will never take lexie in a shop without her being in her buggy, on daddys shoulder , who was at work or in reins. Grandpa just waited outside.(Men ) lol .