Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

My Lovely ham & roast potatoes.
Lexie thought the playdough can made a good stool.

Lexie telling me what she got for christmas.

Lexie telling Millie the dog.This was her doll & Horse

Dad eating Christmas dinner

Kent got mad at house silly some of the packaging is.Trying to get some toys
out of boxes was so much fun.

Lexie got a toy kitchen & she put her chefs hat on bacwards
& put daddys flip flops on.

Party Hats from our crackers

I have no make up on & the hat is doing me no favours.
But hey it's christmas.

Daddy & Lexie enjoying food.

Lexie with her new Kitchen & Tea set

Lexie getting a proper Football!!!!!!!

Millie got excited with all the fun & squealing.

Before the mess.

So finally we got our christmas pics up.We had a lovely day.Lexie had so much fun.She also got a vetch motion thingy.I need to get a pic of her playing.Christmas was so much fun.It kept trying to snow/rain all christmas day.St George Rarely gets snow as you can see from a previous post.We get a little rain& thats the norm here.
We Hope you all Had a Very Merry Christmas.
Love Kent,Rachael,Lexie.John & Millie

December 21st 2008

Sunday after Lexie had her nap, can you not tell the difference.
she wanted to put her Tiara & earrings she got
the day before from the disney shop in Las vegas.
Here are a few pics i caught of her.

When you as Lexie is she gorgeous or is she a poser.
She use to say i am a Gorgeous.Back when this photo was taken.
Now she says both.LOL

Christmas Card Picture

This was the official Christmas Card Photo
for 2008

Better late than never.

Graham Cracker stable!!

Who knew you could have a graham cracker stable!!

On Sunday the 21st december Lexie made a Graham cracker stable. I am in Primary & we had no idea they were going to do this. It turned out so cool.They had premade/set the stable first so the kids just added the candy.Hopefully i will get copies of the pics from actually in nursery .This is the pics when we got home.We were on the 11 am schedule so by the time we got in by 3 pm she was done!!!