Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pine Valley Ward Trip

So Last Night (Friday) we went out to Pine Valley about 45 mins from St George. It 's a small town way out in the boonies. (Middle of nowhere) We went for a tour round the LDS Chapel there.Kents ancestors on his maternal line helped build the church.So we took the offical photo of him outside the chapel with lexie. Pics further down are of the kids playing with bubbles & just playing. It was lovely & cool up in the mountains ,it was 20 degrees cooler than St George. We had an a lovely rain storm that last for 20 mins with hail!!!!! but everything dried up quickly .Steam was coming off the roads(i didnt take a pic ,i should have) thats how warm it was .On the way home was the most gorgeous sunset. as seen below.Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is a picture taken of my mum 6 months before she passed away at age 59 years old. My mum was in hospital for 8 weeks & then died. After the did an Post mortum we found out she had Bladder Cancer.To far spread to fix. She also had a very rare disease called Retro Peritinial Fibrosis (rpf) She also picked up a blood infection in hospital. So the Lord was telling us it trully was her time to go home. She did manage to see her latest Grandchild,Lexie.The doctors induced me at 9:30 pm on fri evening & Lexie was born at 5:45 am sat morning. I was discharged from hospital at 11:30 am & went straight to see my mum.She got to spend time with her on the sat & sunday.After that my mum was in & out of conciousness. My mum was a wonderful example to me & my family .She had such faith & wasn't afraid to go back home. We Love you Mum .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our House Continued

Our House

So we have been in our house 13 months Today.WOW how time flies .Our house is a 1975 bi level house. When we bought the house .The kitchen & bathrooms were the origional.But in Very Bad shape. We had to gut them totally.So we have a new kitchen & 3 new bathrooms. We are always working on little jobs in the house.But we LOVE what we have done so far.I have included a few pics before & afters.

Rachael .

Lexie & Pro Photos

So in June we went to Heber City, Utah .To visit with my dear friend Alice .Alice is a photographer & since Lexie was 2years old 3 weeks before that, it was an ideal time to get some new professional photos of her. Alice has been a photographer for many years & does photos up & down the Wasatch front,SLC,Provo,Orem etc. She is such value for money compared to some photographers.Check her webiste out.

I can not believe Lexie is now two years old. It has been two years since my mum passed away. She died 4 days after Lexie was born .This has tested me & i am growing stronger everyday.My Dad has really stepped up & taken a fuller roll as a grandpa now. I know my mum was needed back home.