Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Day in Las Vegas

We decided to go to Las Vegas
the saturday before christmas & when BYU was playing @ las vegas .I know stupid!!
Vegas wasn't that busy.We had a fab time in Caesar's Palace ,We saw the atlantis show & had our pic taken in front of Pegasus .The wooden horse was 2 storys high & it had a lift in it .It was a toy shop & evey so often the horses head would light up & move. Lexie thought it was all magic.

A fabulous day was had by all.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow in St George

Most of you will know St George DOES NOT GET SNOW, EVER!!!! This was a rare accurance. so much so i stayed up till 2 am watching the snow lay & to take pics. Lexie & I Built a snowman & St George Looks lovely with a dusting of snow.
Pics taken December 17th/18th

Yes that's Hot Dogs for eyes & nose .That's all we had suitable.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Living away

The things we sometimes have to do for our families. It's so tough having to travel 340 miles each way Monday and Friday and stay with a brother in between those days while working. It's just not the same sleeping in a strange bed four nights a week, and only being able to talk by phone and then only after work is over. At least the trip back down seems shorter as I eagerly anticipate an eager greeting from the wife and daughter as I step through the door upon arrival in St. George. How prepared am I; what won't I do for my two favorite people in the world? On Monday I ended up going through three big storms. The first one began ten miles south of Cedar City and I didn't emerge til fifteen miles north of Cove Fort. I had a near spin-out on the notorious black ice and the snow sometimes being so blinding that sometimes I limped along at 20 mph til I finally could see a bit further down the road. I went through two more storms around Filmore and Nephi before hitting clear sailing at Santaquin. What a trip!! Now you see why we want to sell; to avoid this crazy commute! This is much more meaningful work and the hours are better so we can plan events better, but we still face the big "S" obstacle. I love my wife and daughter and miss them while I'm away. Prayers aren't the same over the phone. I pray every day we can all soon live in this new location. Oh, to all of you Wal-mart shoppers out there, when you buy something just remember who may have loaded it onto the truck that delivered it to your local store.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Decorations

It's Christmas Time.
I love Christmas & so does Lexie.
So much so we had the outside lights up over two weeks ago.
I don't think Kent likes christmas so much, after stringing up all those lights.
But here is our Christmas Decorations.

St George Temple Lights

Friday the day after thanksgiving
the Temple had a light ceremony
we sung carols etc , it was lovely.
Here are a few pics.
Check out how tired we both were
we had had 4 hrs sleep after the
shopping trip.

Lexie & Jesus
Lexie looking at Jesus

The Large nativity


Daddy & Lexie

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year we were lucky that Kent was able to be here for Thanksgiving Dinner & him not to have to work at all. He was home for 5 days.That was wonderful.
Dad really enjoyed thanksgiving also.We watched the Macy's parade ,Lexie thought that was wonderful.
To burn off some energy.Kent & I went out Thursday evening at about 10pm & stayed out all night , trying to get all the best deals in town. It was fun , but walmart was crazy.Don't know if i would go again!!!
Happy thanksgiving to all.