Thursday, November 26, 2009

He is Here ......

Baby Daniel Kent Jensen has arrived safe & sound .He was 6lbs 15 oz.
We are both fine now.

Our gorgeous little boy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Master Bathroom,$1 Haircuts & Coupons.

I know call me crazy last weekend we spent the weekend getting haircuts for a $1. I know bargin queen i am . Finally Painting the master bathroom i lovely bluey/green colour.It's now very soothing.

This was before i did the top coat.

So we nearly killed ourself's doing that. Bought a fab new mirror on clearance for the living room.(Way to go down east basics) Used some good old british charm & got him to drop the price.
Sunday was stake conference.That meant no extra rest. I was so tired by the end of sunday. I am so Glad kent has mondays at home , well he doesnt leave to go up north till tea-time.
Monday was prenatal. I am officially booked in to have baby jensen on the 30th nov.9 days early due to high blood pressure & kent being away for work.So we are really excited only 19 days to go unless he comes sooner.
Monday afternoon after the docs & chriopractor to try to fix my back.We went to albertsons.I love doulble off coupons .
With the deals of spend $30 get $15 back.Which i had done twice & used coupons i got a ton of stuff for less than $4.
Thats two large tides.a pack of always pads , i had $2 off them.A free herbal essence shampoo.Buy one get one free on a herbal essence product.Some halloween candy on 75% off.some sausages for $4 .
Use my $30 in free coupons, used all my manufactors coupons & my double offs & it was less than $4. I was happy.Thats what i call killer deals. I love coupons, can you tell.
On top of all that it would have been my Mums 63rd birthdayso i was trying to deal with that too.
So it was a very busy i am just trying to rest.Well as much as you can with a 3 year old .
Love the Jensen's

Friday, November 6, 2009


This year was the first true year Lexie understood
what to do for Halloween.
Here is our little 3 year old.

Daddy eating as normal. This what our ward's trunk or treat.This was the
first time our ward had held a trunk or treat in several years.
It was  lovely hot evening in St George.It was high 70's.
After the trunk or treat we went to zion's outlets.
They were giving out candy.She loved that.It's amazing how quick kids
learn about candy.She always said thankyou & Happy Halloween.
She is just so polite, she is a scream with it.
After that we went and ate & then went trick or treating.It was one full evening.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Missionary Reunion like none other.

So back at the end of march(before i knew i was expecting)
We had a missionary reunion at our house.
This was the two missionarys who baptized our family
back in Dec 78,I was only 9 months old,
when we joined the church.
One missionary is from Australia.
The other missionary is from Rosservelt Utah.
so here are a few pics.

to the left we have Ken & Pam.
Ken is from Utah.
On the right at the very back we have Mark & Denise
Mark is from Australia.(His daughter was
getting married in AZ )
Next to denise is Liz a friend of the family.
Last but not least Jessica.Marks daughter.

I cooked a full roast dinner & trifle.
sadly kent was working away.

Wow it was one amazing evening.

6th Wedding Anniversary.

So our 6th wedding anniversary landed on a sunday.
It was also a family reunion weekend.
With Kent working away we couldn't
 make any other day but sunday.
So we went to church.Sorry i never took any pics.
So here is our wedding day pic.

This was taken at Kirkstall Abbey
6th September 2003.

This was taken at Preston Temple later that evening.
Where we were sealed for all Time & Eternity.

So i just want to take a moment in saying how
amazing & awesome my husband is.
He has been commuting for a year now,with the job
situation in St George.I am so proud of
 what he does 4 1/2 days a week(leaving us) so that he can
provide.We pray for the economy to get better,
so he can transfer back down here.
I love my husband so dearly.We have had an amazing
6 years .It has been a rollercoaster at times.
But we make it through. I love you Kent Jensen
(See the pos last year for more wedding photos)

Ward BBQ at Pine Valley

It was our Annual ward Pine Valley BBQ
Sept 5th.As you can tell i was so tired
& hot.Hence the no make up & it's look.
My darling husband provided some entertainment
on the violin afterwards.
He has such an incredible talent.
He can just pick his Violon up & play.He remembers all
 his music in his head.
All I can say is WOW!!!

Lexie & I

Kent Playing his violin.

Our cheeky girl.

Lexie & Her friend Kamilie

Pine valley was so much fun.Lovely to be in the mountains
& escape the heat.Great food & good company.

Zions in the summer time.This was later in july.

Daddy & Lexie

My gorgeous hubby

My Dad

Emerald Pool Zions

We had just had Thunder & Lightening & some rain.
It never Rains down here!!!!

Catch up summer till now.

This was taken in summer on July 4th.
This picture was taken by Alice of Heber Photography.

This was befor i lost all the weight,will get a new bump pic up soon.

All these pics were taken in a 110 degree heat.Don't you just
Love St George in the summer.

Catch up

So I guess besides Lexie's Birthday, I haven't blogged at all
since being Pregnant.This baby has taken it out of me lol.
Literally I have lost 25lbs since being pregnant.
So a few little bits of info.
Baby is a BOY.
Yes we are excited, & so is Lexie.
Yes we have a name but that's a secret until he is born.
If you have been told. Then HUSH!!!!!
I am due officially on the 9th dec.But will likely be
induced on the...30th Nov/1st dec.
We will find out next monday.Unless of course
 little lad decideds to appear sooner.
Kent still works up north & commutes every week.
So please pray for us, thaty baby will come on
a weekend or allow him time to get here!!!!!
Delivering in an American hospital will be different.

This is baby boy Jensen.This was taken at 9 weeks 5 days.
All his other scan pictures he was shy.He has really being playing
hide & seek in me when ever we have a scan.

Happy Birthday Kent

My Dearest Hubby was 44 back on oct 22nd.
Yes I know he looks awesome for his age.
Well thats only because I make him use potions etc.
But here is a pic a took with Lexie yesterday.
They looked so cute.