Saturday, September 27, 2008

Costco Christmas Dresses

So i am a huge lover of the Costco Christmas dresses that are $20 i think by the time u add tax.Anyways this is a 4t because the age 3 was tiny .Trust me in 4-5 weeks it will probably be about right. I had to take some pics for my sister because she wants to see what it looks like to get one.LOL Anyways so Lexie was modeling for me today .

You have to have a bit of Bling

I'm just chillin mum .Let me know when you are finished mum because i am bored now.

Lexie aged 2 years & 4 months .I know she is going to be tall like her mother.

Root Canal's Ohhh the Pain

So the last few weeks i have been quite.Literally!!! I had a root canal done almost two weeks ago. & i had to go back a week later for them to do more .The temp top they had done they had to change for a better cap. So i have been in pain until the last few days.Particullary since she didnt give me pain relief the 2nd time & so when i came out the dentist i was really sore. She gave some antibotics & i feel much better now.Hence i am catching up on my blog.

Anniversary of 5 years

So Back on the 6th September was our 5th Wedding Anniversary
One of the ways was to have an Ice Cream Cake.
This was only my 2nd once since i have been here. But there are Lovely.
Lexie went with Daddy to the Ice Cream shop to pick it. I think she did a great job.

Lexie showing you can have ice cream cake with Chicken Nuggets
Lexie is Talking away while eating.Never a quiet house.

So that was a lovely Anniversary & we managed to make the cake last a week or so .If i kept some hidde from Kent :p

Friday, September 5, 2008

Married for FIVE YEARS

Saturday September 6th 2008
Kent G Jensen & Rachael C Jensen
Have been Married for 5 years.
Here are a few photos from our wedding day
In Leeds, England .

Bride & Groom @ Preston Temple


Reception @ church before the Temple

Kirkstall Abbey where we took photos

Our Gorgeous Rings

Me already late ,the wedding should
have started at 11:30am. look at the clock.
Preston Temple

In England when you get married you first have to get married in Church, because Parliment will not allow a close door policy wedding.So we had the Wedding.Reception.Photos.Then drove very quickly to Preston Temple for a 6:30 pm Sealing .It was a Beautiful Day.It only drizzled slightly.Kent also sang to me at the reception.The BYU Cougar Fight Song.Go Cougars since it's football season again.I can not believe it has been 5 years.They have flown . We love one another & Value our time we have together on this earth & then Forever in the Eternities.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Jensen Reunion Part 2 Kanab (Kanba)

So Sunday afternoon was a great time to catch up on sleep , as so much fun was had by all the day before.Too much sun & too much fresh air .

Brothers can you not tell.Bryce & Scott Fast asleep while we all sat talking around them.Some men can sleep through anything.

Mark is not brother even though he looks like one.He is single ladies!!!
Pork Chop Bretts dog.I wonder how he got his name!!
Hey bro let me just rest my feet on you.
We had a great time catching up with everyone & Look forward to the next Jensen family event when ever that will be.

The Jensen Family Reunion Lake Powell & Kanab

So Labour day weekend has been & gone & now it's September .We had our Annual family reunion at Lake Powell & Kanab or Kanba as some family members called it :P You know who we r talking about Bryce.
So Below are pics at Lake Powell. Kent Obviously & Lexie. Uncle Brett with Jediah & Caden being He-Man & Mom on the Jet Ski.

My Handsome Hubby & Gorgeous Daughter

Uncle Brett Being He-man with Jediah & Caden


Lots of Sun & Water fun had by all. Besides all the fun we had pushing cars that got stuck in the sand that day. We got stuck twice , we all did a good deed by helping some guy from Ohio who got stuck & we managed to get him out . Brett,Scott & Ben got stuck .The sand was just way too soft this year .It helps if people like us find their 4 wheel drive button when they are stuck not after the event :P .Oh well we know for next year.