Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jumpin Jacks

In January we discovered this new kids place, called Jumpin Jacks.I am not sure who had the most fun .Kent or Lexie. They will let parents go on the inflatables as well.(as long as you pay for them) I saw lots of other daddy's & they all looked like "the cat that got the cream".When we took Lexie it was a very wet day. Which is rare normally for St George .But we have had alot of rain & snow lately. So it was a good time to take Lexie & let her burn off some energy .She had been sick earlier that week , so she was so excited to do something fun. Here are some of the pics i took.

Daddy i little tired

Daddy had to help Lexie in certain parts, as you can tell , these inflatables were huge.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January not so much fun.

So January has not been so much fun.We went to celebrate my dad's 68th birthday & ended up with food poisioning. Then the week before that kent had a tire blowout on his journey up to slc for work.A huge blessing was the fact it didn't happen on the freeway.
My only fun this month was shopping in Target's 75% off toy sale. I managed to get all Lexie's toys for Birthday & Christmas for this year. That was a huge blessing. I also went to Old Navy's sale & got fabulous deals on some clothes for her, since she is growing like a weed.
Feb so far has seen haircuts for us all & taxes submitted,Yes i am so glad that is done.I am so proud of myself as this year we did taxes online , with help from my friend Alice.
So now we can sit back & enjoy the rest of feb.